On 3rd of July this year's summer camp of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace will start in Chernivtsi.

As in the previous two years, this summer there will again be a summer camp of the German volunteering organisation Action Reconsilitation Service for Peace on the old Jewish cemetery in Zelena Street. The Museum for the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews supports the summer camp as a local partner. Other local partners are the Jewish cultural and social centre "Hessed Shushana", the Jewish community of Chernivtsi and the Chernivtsi city administration.

One of the organisers and leaders of the summer camp will be a German long term volunteer who has worked at the Museum for the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews since September with support of Action Reconsiliation Service for Peace.

During the summer camp from the 3rd to the 15th of July, 15 volunteers will clean a part of the cemetery from the vegetation that is overgrowing the graves there. Besides their work on the cemetery, the volunteers will explore Chernivtsi and study the history of the town. The focus will be on Jewish life in Chernivtsi. Mykola Kushnir, historian and director of the Museum for History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews will tell the volunteers about the history of the Jews in Chernivtsi during a guided city tour and a visit to the museum. The volunteers will get acquainted with present Jewish life in Chernivtsi by visiting the Jewish cultural and social centre "Hessed Shushana" and a Jewish service at the synagogue.

Except for one Polish participant, all the volunteers come from Germany. A special characteristic of this year's summer camp is the fact that it especially welcomes elderly people, but is also open for younger ones: The age of the participants ranges from 29 to 74 years, so that a dialogue between the generations will be possible. For some of the particpants it won't be the first time to work on the Jewish cemetery, but they will continue their work from last year.