Anniversaries in the new museum season

A new year and a new museum season has started for the Museum of the History and Culture of the Bukovinian Jews. We are going to realize a lot of new interesting ideas and projects to enrich our museum's exhibition and to satisfy the lively interest that we receive from our visitors.

The year 2011 is rich in anniversaries of significant events in the history of the Bukovinian Jews. We would like to mention here the following dates:

  • The 120th anniversary (December 1891) of the foundation of "Hasmonea" in Chernivtsi - the first Jewish students organization, which gave an impuls to spread the ideas of the national revival of Judaism and Zionism in Bukovina.

  • The 110th anniversary (May 1901) of the birthday of the worldwide famous poet Rose Auslander (birth name Beatrice Rosalie Scherzer).

  • The 110th anniversary (30 May 1901) of the birthday of one of the most famous Yiddish poets of the 20th century, the writer Itzik Manger.

  • The 100th anniversary (January 1911) of the first edition of the Jewish Zionist newspaper "Der jüdische Volksrat" ("The Jewish People's Counsil").

  • The 90th anniversary (1921) of the publication of the Chernivtsi edition of the spelling book for Jewish children by the famous poet, writer of fables and teacher Elieser Steinbarg.;

  • The 20th anniversary (1991) of the day when the bilingual Jewish newspaper "Czernowitzer Blëtter" ("Czernowitz Pages") was published again after an interruption of several decades.

The Museum of the History and Culture of the Bukovinian Jews will be happy to cooperate with all who are interested in the celebration of these and other memorable dates. We will inform you about planned events on our website.