The first International Poetry Festival "Meridian Czernowitz"
took place in Chernivtsi on the 3rd -5th of September 2010.

The Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews is among the partners of the Festival. On the 4th of September the guests of the festival visited our museum, got to know our exhibition and learned about the life of the Jewish community of Bukovina.

Nataliya Shevchenko, the curator of museum's collection is giving a tour around the museum.

During the time of the festival, the video installation "Temple" was shown on the front of the cinema "Chernivtsi".

Alexander Bulich, the press secretary of the festival, said that the video installation was created by means of large light projectors and according to drawings of the former synagogue from the archive. He said: "The video installation was based on contruction drawings of the Temple from the archive. This event was the most expensive part of the festival. The City Council helped us by turning off the street lights around the cinema to provide better visibility. However, we could not reach an agreement with the administration of the cinema concerning switching off the lights inside the cinema. In this case the image would have been better. As it was raining we could not install music equipment in the street to play cantorial songs by Joseph Schmidt".