Enrichment of the video-collection

Recently the video-collection of the Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews has been enriched by a new object - the film collection "It all began in Poland" ("Zaczelo sie w Polsce"). It was kindly given to the museum by Polish colleagues of the organization "Filmoteka Narodowa",) and we are really grateful for this gift. These documentary films, which include "Warsaw Sunday", "Siege" and others, are dedicated to the events on the eve and in the first days of World War II.

World War II became a tragic chapter of the world history. More than 60 states of the world were drawn into its bloody course. But the first who felt the horrors of the war were the Polish people and the Polish Jews in particular. Books, articles and newspapers are the main sources of information about that time. Original film material is even more valuable, because the object lens has caught moments which can't be described by any other means.