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Our museum's collection includes numerous audio- photo- and video-materials which are very valuable for history and the archive. Among these materials there are audio records, photographs, and authentic film material from different times. Some of the materials are digitalized which allows us to organize virtual exhibitions and excursion tours for group and individual visitors.

  • Audio-excursion through the museum which is recorded in five languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, and Hebrew) with separate headsets for groups and individual visitors.
    The audio-excursion covers the whole exhibition of the museum. The structure of the audio-excursion is based on the museum's display boards. Photo and video collections and an interactive map are used as well as additional visual material.

  • Records of opera arias and cantorial songs performed by the famous Bukovinian singer Joseph Schmidt (recorded in the middle of the 1930s).

  • Photo-materials
  • Collection of old and new pictures of buildings which belonged to Bukovinian Jewish Communities.
  • Portrait gallery of famous Jewish public and religious figures, politicians and artists of Bukovina.
  • Historical photos from the life of the Bukovinian Jews.
  • Photos from family archives.
  • Reproduction of paintings of Bukovinian artists of Jewish origin.

  • Video-materials
  • "The Temple".
    Film based on a 3D reconstruction of the building of the Chernivtsi synagogue "Temple". The film was prepared especially for our museum at the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • "Bukovina - Ukrainian land".
    Documentary film (directed by Yuliya Solntseva), produced in 1940 as propaganda accompanying the annexation of Northern Bukovina by the Soviet Union.
    Although it is an extremely shameless piece of agitation, it still has significant value: we can see unique views of Chernivtsi and Bukovina, including the synagogue "Temple" that at that time was not yet destroyed and appears for a few seconds in the film.

    Duration 30 min, size 190 Mb.

  • Documentary films on the life of the Bukovinian Jews.
    The films were kindly given by their director Borys Dratva from Chernivtsi.
    • "The old cemetery. Czernowitz 1992-1994".

    • "Sympathy".
      In Memory of the victims of fascism - On mass shootings of Jewish people by Romanian and German fascists in Chernivtsi oblast (1940 - 1944).

    • "Czernowitz. Pages of Jewish history. 1996".

  • "Chronicle of One Day" (2001, directed by Vitaliy Yosyfovych), dedicated to the arrival to Sadhora of a big Hasidic group from Europe and the USA that was connected with the 150th anniversary of the birthday of the famous Ruzhin Tzadik - the rabbi Isroel Fridman who is known as the legendary founder of the Hasidic dynasty from Sadhora.

  • On this Web page photo from the family archive Miriam (Mimi) Taylor
    from the site "Czernowitz-L Discussion Group Website" were used.

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