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The exhibition of the museum is arranged on twelve display boards that run
 from the right to the left.

    The upper part of each display board is decorated with the image of a zodiac sign. The originals of these images have been preserved in the Chernivtsi Synagogue Beit-Tfilah Benjamin. Each zodiac sign represents a month of the Jewish year. These images symbolize both the circuit of traditional Jewish life and the dramatic changes that occurred in their history.
    The framing of the display boards is reminiscent of the tallis - the ritual shawl which religious male Jews wear during prayer.

    The first display board contains information about the settlement of Jews in Bukovina since the beginning of the Austrian era, decrees and circulars of the Austrian government that regulated the life of the Jews, family photos and old postcards with views of Bukovinian towns.
    The second, the third and the forth display boards are dedicated to Jewish religious life. There is information about the famous Hasidic Tzadiks Baal Shem Tov, the Ruzhyn rabbi Isroel Friedman from Sadagura and Mendel Hager from Wiznitz.
    The fifth display board acquaints the viewer with samples of religious art. It contains unique paintings of synagogues and tombstones (matsevas).

    The sixth display board is devoted to the life of the Chernivtsi Jewish community and presents famous social activists, great philanthropists, who created charities to support the poor members of society.
    The seventh and the eighth display boards contain information on the movement for the preservation and strengthening of Jewish identity in opposition to German assimilation. The display boards show the work that was undertaken to organize and conduct the historic conference on the Yiddish language that was held in Chernivtsi in 1908.
   In the mid-nineteenth century the phenomenon of Jewish-German literature appeared in Bukovina. The ninth display board acquaints the visitor with famous writers and poets who reflected both traditional Jewish and modern European tendencies.
    The documents and materials on the tenth display board concern the struggle of the political parties and movements that existed in Jewish society.
    The eleventh and the twelfth display boards conclude the period of history that   the museum exhibit addresses. These display boards are dedicated to the incorporation of Northern Bukovina into the Soviet Union and the tragic events at the beginning of the Second World War.   For more detailed information click on the image with the number of the display board.

For more detailed information click on the image with the number of the display board.

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