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We are sincerely grateful to all institutions and individuals
who provide sponsorship, support our museum,
and promote the enrichment of the museum's collection.
The museum was created by means of organizational and financial support from the following institutions:

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress
President - Alexandr Mashkevich
050002 Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kunaeva Street, 56
Tel/fax 327-2-508762
Web-site: http://www.eajc.org/

Association of Jewish organizations and communities (Vaad) of Ukraine
Chairman - Joseph Zissels
Ukraine, 04070, Kyiv, Voloska Street, 8/5
Tel/fax 38-044-248-3670
E-mail: vaad-ua@ukr.net
Web-site: http://www.vaadua.org/

Chernivtsi Jewish Socio-Cultural Fund
Chairman - Joseph Zissels
Ukraine, 58000, Chernivtsi, Teatralna Square, 5
Tel. 38-037-252-1940

Sponsorship provided by:

Alexandr Mashkevich
Joseph Zissels
Aron Maiberg
(Israel - Ukraine)
Felix Vulis
(USA - Kazakhstan)
Michael Buchkovsky
and his family

Svyatoslav Pomerantzev
and his family
Maria Tutelman
Roman Spector
Svyatoslav Bakis
and his family
Leonid Fuks

and also Lev Sadovnik (USA) and Yakov Shvartzman (Ukraine).

Grant for development of the museum was given by:

The Rothschild Foundation Europe

Estate Yard, Queen Street
Waddesdon, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire, HP18 0JW
United Kingdom.

Researchers and co-workers of the following institutions participated in the creation of the museum's permanent exhibition:

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

The Center for Jewish Art
at the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem

United States Holocaust
Memorial Museum
(Washington, DC, USA)

State archive
of Chernivtsi oblast

YIVO Institute
for Jewish Research,
New York

Columbia University
in New York

Invaluable support was given to the museum by:

Prof. Wolf Moskovich
Dr. Borys Khaimovych
Bronislav Tutelman
Dr. Sergey Kravtsov
Dr. Hillel Kazovsky

The following institutions participated in the construction of the museum:

Charity Foundation "Hesed Shushana"

Head of the Foundation Leonid Fuks

Center "Or Avner" - HaBaD

Head of the Center - Rabbi Menahem Mendel Glitsenshtein

We are also very grateful to Joseph Zissels, Nataliya Shevchenko, Kurt Abraham, Margit Bartfeld-Feller, Ruth Levin, Felix Tsukerman, Miriam (Mimi) Taylor, Cornel Fleming, Marianne Hirsch, Florence Haymann and to other former and present Bukovinians for the objects of everyday life, the books, the photos and the documents from their personal archives, which they donated to the museum.

Nataliya Shevchenko
Kurt Abraham
Margit Bartfeld-Feller
Ruth Levin
Felix Tsukerman

Miriam (Mimi) Taylor
Cornel Fleming
(United Kingdom)
Marianne Hirsch
Florence Haymann

Josef Bursuk
Anatolii Vyshevskyi

and Marianna Feldmann

Project "Jewish Chernivtsi. Unforgotten Image".
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