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The interactive map is based on the ethnographic map of Bukovina which was developed by the famous historian and ethnographer I. Nistor in 1910. We have preserved the design, symbols and designation used in Nistor's map as well as the division of the Bukovinian territory into districts as it was at 1910.

Choose a district or a city on the map and click it
(it will open in a new window).

Dorna-Watra Kimpolung Stulpichani Gurahumora Suczawa Solka Seletin Gura Putilei Radautz Sereth Witnitz Storojinet Boian Czernowitz Stanestii Waschkoutz Sadagura Kotzman Zastavna

The original map by I.Nistor
(710 Kb, size 2340?3177pc)

Areas of Jewish communities of Bukovina:
Location of seats of administration of the community.
List of villages which were under the sphere of authority.
Modern names in Ukrainian and Romanian.

Project "Jewish Chernivtsi. Unforgotten Image".
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