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Dear visitors!
Please note: The proposed plan for temporary exhibitions is provisional
and only meant for orientation. It will be changed and corrected according to the technical
and organisational possibilities of the museum and the available space.

We will inform you on the precise dates and topics of temporary exhibitions.

The "Temple" - from a synagogue to a "cinemagogue".
(in modern Czernowitz parlance "kinagoga")
The reformist synagoge "Temple" - The history of a magnificent edifice
as a symbol for the flourishing and destruction
of the progressive Jewish community of Chernivtsi.
Motives of the tables of testimony at the facades.
Jewish motives in the architecture of Chernivtsi
(using research of N.Shevchenko).
Sausage with swastika.
Photographies by Willy Pragher:
Chernivtsi and Bukovina 1941-1942.
"Abraham's guests".
Murals from the Chernivtsi synagogue "Beit-Tfilah Benjamin"
in the context of the religious Jewish art tradition of Eastern Europe
(using research of B.Khaimovich).
The mystery of the House of the Pioneers.
The synagogue in Novoselytsia - Unique murals under the plaster.
"Gruss aus Czernowitz".
The publishing house of Leon Koenig: Photographies and postcards
from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century
(in cooperation with collectors from Chernivtsi).
"They don't like us? We don't like them either!"
The Soviet propaganda film "Bukovina - Ukrainian Land" (1940).
How the ideological foundation for the pre-war deportation
of the Bukovinian population was created.
Yossele from the village Davideny.
The exceptional singer Josef Schmidt: The remarkable rise,
the worldwide fame and the tragic death of the "Bukovinian nightingale".
"The Lost Harp".
Bukovinian Jewish poets who wrote in the German language,
translated into Ukrainian by Petro Ryhlo.
The books of the "people of the Book".
The destiny of the book - the destiny of the author -
the destiny of the people
(from the museum's book collection).
Everyday life, holidays, Shabbat.
Judaica and ritual objects from the museum's collection:
Religious Jewish traditions and everyday life.
Kolnik and Kopelman.
Bukovinian artists of Jewish origin: The same starting point, different paths
(in cooperation with the Chernivtsi art museum).
Wiping the archive dust...
The history of the Bukovinian Jews in archives of Chernivtsi and Austria
(using material of the document compilation "The Jewish population
and the development of the Jewish national movement of Bukovina"
by O. Dobrzhanskiy, M. Kushnir und M. Nykyrsa).
"A goat is grazing on my ancestor's grave".
The Jewish cemeteries of Bukovina:
Nothing but dilapidation and devastation,
or is it possible to do something?
(in cooperation with the volunteer organisation SVIT Ukraine).
"Whoever saves one life, saves the whole world".
Traian Popovici and Grzegorz Szymanowicz -
Rescuers of Jews during the years of the Holocaust.
The stories of remarkable houses.
Buildings that belonged to the Jewish community of Bukovina:
What they were like and what happened to them.
"Wandering prince who obtained his azure".
Itzik Manger - An exceptional Yiddish poet.
A new historic community of people - the invalids of the 5th column.
Jewish inhabitants of Chernivtsi during the Soviet time.
The loss of Jewish identity and its revival.
Voices from silence.
Sidi Tal and Leibu Levin - "wandering stars" of the Chernivtsi's scene.
The Synagogengasse and its surroundings.
The Jewish quarter of Chernivtsi, its inhabitants, buildings and legends.

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